Heroes Defined

The dictionary defines a hero as someone who is admired for courage, nobility, etc.  We are excited to have the opportunity to hear the stories of someone heroic in your life.  The board of Pennies for Heroes will use a certain criteria to determine how our charity will be able to assist each hero.  The guidelines will include, but not be limited to: 

a) A member of an armed forces unit, law enforcement agency, fire department or emergency medical service, or a citizen who shows rare and exemplary courage when faced with a life threatening challenge, and

b) Has been injured, impaired, killed, or have otherwise been involved in a tragedy that alters their life and removes them from the opportunity to lead a healthy, normal life, and/or

c) Is suffering from financial or other hardships due to the injury, or loss, that they would not be able to meet without outside assistance or major life status change.

The criteria they decide upon can be changed, altered, or updated as the board deems necessary. 

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