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We know there are many worthwhile charities in existence, and are also aware of the many who would defraud you.  We encourage all to seek out information regarding this and any other charity to make sure your money is being spent in accordance with your desire and in accordance with state and federal law.  (For more information, go to the American Institute of Philanthropy website regarding charities.)  Please, do not heseitate to contact us directly if you have questions, concerns, or comments of any kind.

Want to submit a hero?  We are honored to be able to be involved with a charity that allows Heroes to be submitted and hopefully helped through the process.  Please email us with your hero’s name and story, even pictures.  The submission will go through the process to determine if we are able, at this time, to assist this hero.

No matter what, we welcome your hero’s story.  Even if we can’t help your hero at this time, we’ d like to archive their story and information to bring hope to other people who may be in the same situation.

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Pennies for Heroes
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