Sgt. Franco Aguilar

Franco Aguilar, a former Marine, was employed by Sevier Co. Sheriff’s Office as a Partol Sergeant.  He was killed on April 29, 2010 on a cold wintery night on I-70 while investigating a traffic accident.  He had just passed his 10th year working as a police officer in the State of Utah.  In meeting with friends and family, they said Franco was the kind of guy who never got his own projects done, because he was always helping someone else with theirs.  Ironically enough, he was killed while taking a call for another agency to help them out.

Aguilar Family

In the wake of this tragedy, Franco left behind his stay at home wife and 5 beautiful children who are struggling just to make ends meet.  Pennies for Heroes has committed to get this family the help that they need and get them back on their feet.  We need your help to give them a hand up toward a healthy and happy life.

This Family has some immediate needs for repairs on their home. The roof of the house needs new shingles along with rain gutters and new fascia and soffit for the home that is badly deteriorating. There is a hole cut in the cabinet for a dishwasher that needs to be installed and many more needs in the home.


On August 6, 2010, we were able to go into the Aguliar home and install a dishwasher and disposal unit.  The dishwasher was donated by Canyon Point Homes in Salt Lake City and the disposal was donated by Kathrine Layton.  The plumbing and electrical work was done free of charge to both the Aguilars and Pennies for Heroes.  A special thanks to all of these folks!


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